Melting Liquid Steel

Manganese Products

Manganese products are used in many industrial processes. Among the most versatile are manganese metal briquettes that are essential in a wide range of materials, including steel alloys. Additionally, Absolute Resources offers El Mn flakes with the following properties.

El Mn Flakes

Mn: 99.7% Min
P: 0.005% Max
S: 0.05% Max
C: 0.04% Max
Fe+Si+Se: 0.205% Max
Size: In Flakes
Packaging: In 1 Mt Big Bags

Manganese Metal Briquettes

Mn: 97% Min
C: 0.05% Max
S: 0.05% Max
P: 0.05% Max
Si: 1.0% Max
Size: Nuts
Packaging: In 1 Mt Big Bags

We also provide low H, N, and Se-free materials.